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Tuesday, 9 December 2014

KTZ Christmas Challenge - S8 C1

A very quick and simple card which had to use a postage stamp. I made a vague tree shape with some old stamps (with a star for the top of the tree!). The embossing folder is a favourite of mine called Rellies Rave.


  1. Quelle originalité !

  2. A very clever card and a great use of stamps, love the star postage stamp :) That is a nice embossing folder and love the green card stock you have used xx
    Not sure what is going on with Blogger but I am finding it difficult to leave a comment on your posts as at times xx

    1. Thanks for your kind comment. I'm sorry you're having problems commenting there must be some glitch on blogger (again!). are you still where you were or are you where you should be (she said cryptically)?

    2. Still where we were but still hoping we can be where we should be this side of Christmas!! The Land Registry has really held us up and meanwhile DH broke his leg however 7 weeks later his cast came this morning! Great fun :( xxx


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