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Saturday, 31 August 2013

Craft Barn Alpha Challenge - O

I'm uploading my entry to sneak in before the deadline. I'll add details tomorrow. Craft Barn Alpha Challenge O.
Edited to add: I'm back from my travels and brushing away the tumbleweed that has been floating around this blog for the past month. We started in Luxembourg with a birthday party in a vineyard on a hill overlooking the Moselle and ended in Nice in a friend's apartment overlooking the sea. In between we visited Frankfurt, Prague, Vienna, Budapest and Maribor & Lake Bled in Slovenia. It has been so hot that we perhaps didn't manage to see all that we could have but we saw A LOT of wonderful things.
When I saw the Craft Barn letter was O I immediately wanted to do O for Ossuary which is a place they keep bones. About 60km outside Prague is a town called Kutna Hora which has many different things to see - a silver mine, churches etc but it also has an ossuary. Nothing can prepare you for the sight of the remains of about 30,000 people used to 'decorate' this church - there are bone chandeliers, a bone coat of arms and pyramids of skulls. It is really gruesome and not my cup of tea at all but worth visiting.
A sample of the delights at the Ossuary
 at Kutna Hora, Czech Republic

Anyway ossuary was not in my dictionary so I went with plan B. I figured owl would be a common entry but I have a fab little owl die and stamp set I wanted to use so we have officious owls - here I'm referring to those people who put on a uniform and suddenly become Hitler. I kept the pages monochrome because for them everything is black and white and kept the BG text to signify the blah, blah, blah of bureaucracy. I thought the googly eyes gave them an extra hint of megalomania and I drew the all important hat.
Now I have to catch up with D which I have an idea for...
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