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Wednesday, 8 October 2014

When one door closes, another opens...

A very dear family friend died a couple of weeks ago at the age of 85. She had been a widow for over 20 years and had no children or family in this country. She was always there for me when I needed support and we had some very happy times together so it was natural that when she needed help I tried to support her. She had various struggles with illness but managed to live independently until April of this year when she was told that she had @2 months to live. We decided that she would be happiest spending her last days in her own home but she needed to have someone around 24/7 . We were fortunate that mentally she was all there right until the very end and we had a nice bunch of people looking after her.
One of her nieces came over for the funeral. I had met her in April but this time we had a better chance to get to know each other over a few days. She is my age, we both seem to have a similar sense of humour and we both had a much-needed couple of days of unwinding after the stress of the previous weeks and months. One of the things I discovered about her was she loves anything cat related. Also during one of our shopping trips I discovered her love of Scrabble. The cat image is from some wrapping paper I bought several years ago and the Scrabble tiles are from a set of wooden stickers a friend gave me as a RAK. This card is just a thank you to her for a great few days and a hope that we will get together again soon.


  1. Great idea and I am sure that she will appreciate your lovely creation !

  2. A lovely card and I hope your new found friend will appreciate it - I'm sure she will. So sorry your dear friend lost her struggle, she was a brave person to fight it as long as she did and I bet she appreciated your efforts on her behalf. Nice to see you have time to craft and blog again.
    Lynn x

  3. Sorry you lost a friend but wow a new link and friendship is developing and I am sure she will appreciate the card

  4. What a lovely card to give


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