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Sunday, 5 October 2014

UK Stampers Postcard Swap - October

This month's theme for the postcard swap on UK Stampers is favourites. My current favourite is definitely Brusho and techniques using it. A while ago a friend gave me 5 containers of Brusho and I had mixed them with water to make paints. Recently I've seen crafters using Bistre (for example here ) and watched a couple of you tube videos about Brusho. I don't really know what Bistre is but Brusho is a powder paint mixed with crystals that has been used in schools for years. Bistre and Brusho have very similar properties and may even be the same thing but I'm not sure.
The method I'm using is sprinkling tiny amounts of the powder onto card and spritzing with water. Each attempt produces a different result and it is hard to control but this one looked like a flower head so I helped it along by using a paint brush to tease the water and pigment with a brush to create a stem. I also gave it a spritz with gold shimmer spray and edged the postcard with peacock feathers DI. I added some computer generated text and some photo corners. As there has to be some stamping somewhere on the postcard, I used a tiny ladybird from Invoke Arts.


  1. That's a fab postcard Rukhshana, I also have some brusho but have never really used it so will give it a go as the effect does look very much resembles the Bistre effects !!

  2. That's one lovely card, Rukhshana. I'll have to dig my Brushos out and have a go.

  3. Beautiful effect with the Brusho, a lovely cornflower emerged from you sprinkling and coaxing!

  4. Couldn't comment yesterday as I kept getting an error message - most frustrating!
    Love the beautiful flower you have created. As Joanne said looks akin to a cornflower or perhaps a beautiful thistle. Love that shade of blue. Am tempted by these crystals!
    A fab postcard x

    1. Looked up Bistre and it is a pigment made, apparently,from boiling the soot of wood to create a brown pigment which was used in line drawings! Amazing what the Encyclopaedia Britannica throws up xx


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