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Saturday, 9 November 2013

Katzelkraft S4/C1

This was definitely a challenge and required the use of many grey cells! The card had to be all black - not black with a hint of something else. It was a tough one to do and a tough one to take a pic of, trust me the glitter, the ribbon and the card is all black. I would have liked to use some pearlescent card but I couldn't get hold of any in the given time so I decided to go with texture on black card. I used a Sizzix frame embossed with a CB candy cane folder. The inner rectangle was embossed with the CB snow folder and I added a tiny blob of PVA (white glue) to each snowflake. This dries clear to give a slight sheen (click on the pic to get a better view). The chipboard was coloured with a black Sharpie and then sprinkled with black glitter. The ribbon is waste from a box of M&S Belgian chocs. I'm quite pleased with the effect. The glitter has been lying in a box for a few years and it looks very dark and sophisticated IRL.


  1. I think it looks very classy......

  2. Fabulous black on black, the glitter and embossing add lovely textures.

    Sylv xx

  3. It does look classy and elegant. Well done you on coming up with a fabulous card and I can imagine what a nightmare it was to photograph!


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