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Monday, 9 April 2018

Some Sad News

I discovered yesterday that Sandy and Ian of the Craft Barn have decided to retire and are closing  the online store they have been running since the bricks and mortar store closed. Whilst I am happy for them I am very sad about the loss of another craft store especially one whose blog I had followed right from the start. I think I have taken part in and completed all their year-long challenges except last year's  and loved the annual craft fests known as the Extravaganzas. I will miss them.
Having said that, Sandy has announced that there is a lot of stock waiting for new homes so it would be worth visiting the online store to see what's available. As the weeks go by the discounts will get bigger but the stock is going fast.
You can find the clearance page here.


  1. I didn't need enabling!! I had to have a look though and ended up spending money.
    Sad news indeed about the closing of the online Craft Barn site; unfortunately I never did make it to one of the Extravaganzas which is also sad.
    Hope Sandy and Ian enjoy their retirement and thanks for letting us know.

  2. IT is sad! I can understand there reasons though. I hope they enjoy their retirement and I wonder what venture Sandy will be doing next! xxx


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