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Thursday, 17 May 2018

I've been quiet but busy

Although I haven't posted for a couple of weeks I have been busy craft-wise. During the re-decoration I discovered lots of stuff that I hadn't used in ages and to be honest had completely forgotten about. My style has changed somewhat in that time so these are not really products I would normally reach for now. I could have given a lot away to my local charity shop but I thought a better idea would be to make up some cards and donate them to be sold. There's still a lot more to go but I have an initial batch of @20 cards - some 3D decoupage, some embossed, some with vellum flower prints. I've tried to use some of the older card blanks as well. The top card you can see on the right is an old pearlescent card blank, embossed with a 3D folder with a vellum flower print. I've added sentiments to some and left others blank. I'm slowly making a dent in my old products and it's been quite nice putting things together.

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  1. Oh wow Scrapmate you have been a busy bee, being away from your craft stash for a while seems to have reinvigorated you:) What a lovely idea to donate the cards for charity.
    It is amazing how our styles change isn't it? I well remember that I spent many hours making 3D decoupage cards - think I decoupaged myself out!! Well done you x


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