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Sunday, 3 February 2013

Katzelkraft Inspiration - Feb

The Katzelkraft forum which I participate in has started a series of monthly challenges. I don't know how many I will do but I do enjoy taking part and using my not-so-great French.  For this challenge we had to take inspiration from the object pictured below. The whales suggested a marine theme so I used this KTZ seashell stamp which tied in with the circles as well. I used a similar blue to the bag (Impress cerulean blue) and added white highlights. I embossed a card blank with a Crafts Too folder (spots & dots) and coloured in some of the dots.


  1. That is a beautiful image used in an imaginative way. Love it. Think you are very brave entering a competition in French! Do you use a translator at all? I do love the French language but sad to say have never expanded my school learnt French.
    Lynn x

  2. LOL I don't use a translator but I do have a French-English dictionary on my desk and a list of the key strokes required for the accents, circumflexes etc. The problem ones are the slang terms that I can't find in a dictionary but generally if I ask someone always explains (they're very patient with me). I enjoy doing the challenges (you don't have to use Katzelkraft stamps but I like to try if possible)and there's currently a street art journal challenge which I plan to try when I get a chance. You ought to give it a go, I'm sure you'd manage.

  3. I love this, and love your interpretation of the bag! Gorgeous colours and ocean theme. I have a couple of their stamp sets if you want some stamped out for you. I love their designs,

    Lucy x

    1. Thanks Lucy, I'm amassing quite a collection of their stamps as well ;)!


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