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Sunday, 12 June 2016

Make Your Own Hinged Stamp Positioner

Recently online I have seen a lot of people using a (very expensive) branded hinged stamp positioner. I am happy with my traditional T shaped positioner - it does a good job whenever I need to place a stamp accurately. However since buying some layering stamps, I can see the benefits of having a positioner with a hinge to align clear stamps on top of each other. A search on the 'net revealed some suggestions for making your own. Today I thought I would see what I could come up with. This is NOT a tutorial or a step-by-step, my pics aren't great and it's very basic but it works for me so I thought I would share it with you.

This is my kit, on the left a clear, old CD case. I think I got stamps in this originally, maybe you have some old SeeD's stamp sets hanging around? A clear DVD case would be a better shape but this is what I had to hand. On the right hand side from the top are a piece of fun foam, a magnetic sheet and a grid which I printed off the 'net. They have all been cut to fit the inside of the front of the case (it's the side that has little lugs sticking out for the front cover. Yes those are 4 pennies at the bottom.

Place the 3 sheets into the CD case in the order I described them. I found that the foam and magnetic sheet fit under the lugs but I couldn't get the grid to fit under so I just placed it on top. The pennies are to secure your card so it doesn't move during the stamping process. The case I have does not have a lip on the far right side so you are not restricted to using square card. Line up your card on the grid and hold in place with the pennies, position your clear stamp on top where you want it to be with the image side facing the card. Close the case and press lightly to adhere the stamp to the top of the case. Open the case and the stamp should now be on the lid, ink it up and close the case. Press lightly all over and open the lid. If the image has not stamped cleanly then close the lid and press lightly again. 
This was made with things I found at home, I haven't gone out and bought anything. It's not perfect but it didn't cost me anything either (oh alright 4p!). I've tried to be as clear as possible but if there's anything you don't understand let me know in the comments below.


  1. Brilliant. You could market this!!lol. Hugs Mrs A.
    ps. Off to raid my piggy bank of 4 pennies.

  2. Great tutorial Rukhshana !

  3. Now I'm all for saving money when ever I can & I like this idea. Thanks for sharing .

  4. Thank you. If you did want to splash out and have something a bit bigger supposedly IKEA have a hinged photo frame for under a fiver. I will be checking that next time I am in. Thanks for the great description of your layers. Off to see what I can find. Hugz


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