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Saturday, 4 June 2016

A Noteworthy Blog

I don't officially 'follow' any blogs but there are a few that I keep up-to-date with on a regular basis. One of my favourites is Stamping Mathilda's. Today she celebrates 10 years of blogging (!!!) which is no mean feat. She isn't an occasional blogger like me, she blogs almost every single day and her work is an absolute inspiration. Over the years that I have been reading her blog, she has given me endless ideas and I have followed her various series such as Sunday Scraps, Black and White, Golden Oldies and Dictionary. I've seen her develop from taking an online course on stamp carving to creating a wonderful series of carved stamps for Darkroom Door. I've admired her photography, the beautiful flowers she grows in her garden and the wildlife that comes to visit in it. She is one talented lady and is generous enough to share her creativity with all of us. If you haven't visited her blog, I suggest you set aside some time, grab a drink and get comfy because you're in for a treat!
This is a post to thank Godelieve for all the years of inspiration and the language lessons:

                                                         VAN HARTE PROFICIAT!

Inspired by Stamping Matilda


  1. Wow, how nice of you! Thank you very much! Love your poppy card!

  2. You made a beautiful card, love it!

  3. A lovely card & it's nice when others give you inspiration .

  4. Beautiful card! I popped over to Stamping Matilda's blog, fabulous! As is yours! xxx

  5. A lovely card and a lovely acknowledgement of inspiration - hope you continue to enjoy Godelieve's blog for years to come!


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