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Saturday, 6 February 2016

Page Pebbles Revisited

I've been following a new series on Carolyn Dube's blog called 'Let's Play'. I love her style of colourful art but find it hard to be as relaxed as she is when creating. I'm hoping that her prompts will encourage me to 'go with the flow' more and not feel worried that I'm going to ruin something. In one of her recent videos she decided to use something that she hadn't used in a long time and made some word embellishments with  page pebbles. I had some ancient dome stickers by Papermania which were only fit for the bin, they had lost their stickiness in parts and curled up around the edges. They had survived a cull or two because I felt I could do something with them but I decided to admit defeat and throw them out. However I did find a part used sheet of Making Memories page pebbles which were altogether more substantial and although they had yellowed over time they were still sticky and solid.
You can watch Carolyn's video here.
My pebbles were tiny @ 2cm x 1cm but I found some suitable word stamps. The 4 pebbles on the right had words stamped on the paper they are sitting on in the pic above (from DCWV Tie-Dyed Stack). Because the paper has orange/yellow tones the yellowing pebbles blended in nicely. For the three pebbles on the left I used a scrap from a background page I had made for one of Carolyn's previous challenges (which I used here ). The yellow pebbles toned down the vibrant pinks and greens but they still look ok. I'm pleased because I finally managed to chuck out something that I was never going to use again and also I have made something with the remaining pebbles that I will use on a scrapbook page or a card.


  1. They are so cool! I will look at Carolyn's video another time, my iPad life is low at the mo! xxx

  2. I do love your play time piece and those pebbles are just great. I'm like you at not being good at just playing, I feel everything has to have a project at the end of it and constantly worried about ruining something. Many people tell me it is only paper and ink but that doesn't stop the "if this goes wrong I've got to start again"!!! I need to play more for the sake of it and I need to throw out the things that I know I am not going to use :) So well done on your start along this path.


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