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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Katzelkraft's 10 weeks before Christmas

... or 10 semaines avant Noël as they say on the Katzelkraft forum. This is the third year that I am taking part and in addition to giving me a rigorous French workout it also gives me the incentive to make a variety of Christmas cards. The idea is that every week for the 10 weeks leading up to Christmas you make 3 cards according to the recipes posted on the forum. This could be a technique, a colour scheme, an inspiration poster or something similar. You make the cards (they don't have to be specifically for Christmas) and post them in your own personal gallery on the forum. You don't have to make them in order or complete them all every week but if you finish all 30 cards by January 10th 2014 you will have completed the challenge. The use of Katzelkraft stamps is not compulsory but I do try and use them if I can (I managed to complete my first year of the challenge with no Katzelkraft Christmas stamps at all).
In addition this year the DT will be posting a card a week from which something (a technique perhaps) will be highlighted. You can make this card instead of one of the cards of the week or in addition to.
This is a very friendly forum and everyone is very tolerant of my bad French and appalling grammar - they always respond when I am uncertain of what a word or phrase means and have made me very welcome. If you are interested in taking part I am sure you will be made as welcome as I am.
This week's cards are:
1 Use fabric on your card
2 Use 5 scraps of paper on your card
3 An inspiration poster


  1. I admire your tenacity in grappling with the forum in French, I can grasp the gist of what is being said but my very basic school learnt French would not cut the mustard when it came to replying to anything!! I do occasionally look in on the KTZ forum and see your name there and raise my tea mug to you :) Looking forward to seeing your art as you enter the various challenges.
    Lynn xx

  2. Aww thanks Lynn! The ladies on the forum are really welcoming and friendly and always answer the questions I ask. Also it's a way of keeping my language skills (or not) going. They had a special English section for a Dutch lady who used to take part and she would comment in English but she hasn't been on for a while. I'm sure I could help you out if you were interested in taking part.


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