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Monday, 28 October 2013

Katzelkraft S2/C3

My final card for this week was inspired by a picture (see below). I had never attempted a picture inspired card until I started doing the Katzelkraft challenges and I do quite enjoy them but this one hasn't turned out as I wanted it to. I thought I'd go through my thought process for this card.

Quite clearly the card needed to be black and white but also contemporary not traditional in style. There are straight, clean lines but also curves. I spotted the lampshade on the table and the overlapped edges sort of reminded me of a Christmas tree so I went with that idea. Looking at the picture again the hanging lampshade could be a flying bird or butterfly. I drew a rough conical shape, tore it out and then tore it across into several pieces. I reformed the tree shape by overlapping the pieces to give the ruffled effect of the lampshade. The semi-circular wire basket looked quite industrial so I used a Katzelkraft stamp that echoed that and the gingham floor covering. My first idea was to make a background of overlapping rectangles with different patterns inside but I couldn't get them to fit or look right so I went with these punched shapes which sort of look like snowflakes and echo the patterns on the chair and back panel. The star on the tree is waste from the punch. I had doodled on some black paper with a white pen for my original idea and decided to punch some proper snowflakes with this paper to fill in the gaps in the background.
So that's week (semaine) 2 completed. I only hope I can manage to keep up as the weeks progress.

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  1. This one would have had me stumped Rukhshana but you pulled something out of the hat and loved your thought processes. A very good interpretation came out of all the brain work and love the tree shape you created which does look similar to the lamp shade.
    Lynn xx


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