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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Gothic Arches - Bedazzled

The current challenge over on the Gothic Arches blog is 'Bedazzled'. The BG is bundled sage DI through sequin waste, Brilliance orange sponged through a TH flourish negative and an Anita's starburst stamp. The image is from an old Erté diary embellished with a gold pen, silver glitter and black enamel accents. Some computer generated text and a beaded pin complete the arch. I bought some buttonhole pins in black and pearl from a florist wholesalers and I'm having fun adding beads and making my own decorative pins. It's a great way to use up the odd leftover bead that languishes at the bottom of the container.


  1. I love your bedazzled lady.....a real elegant arch..thanks for playing along.

  2. Absolutely stunning!! Love the glitter embellishment. Thank you for supporting Gothic Arches. Lynn ♥

  3. She is definately a dazzler! Absolutely stunning.

  4. You have made a beautiful piece of art that really is dazzling!


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