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Saturday, 31 December 2016

Dictionary Challenge - the final instalment

Having completed all 26 letters for the Craft Barn Dictionary Challenge it was time to bind my pages together into a book. Note to self : if you're planning to do this again make sure you punch the binding holes BEFORE sticking lumpy bits on! Of course it was the pesky dragonfly and the shells that caused the biggest problem LOL! They just wouldn't fit in my Bind-It-All, so with a sharp blade and a stout heart (forgive me I've been listening to Jane Austen over the holidays) I set to work. The next problem was that my 1" wires were just a tad too small. Luckily I had a strip of  1&1/4" but (insert suitable swear word here) I needed 14 loops and I only had 13!!!!!! Which is why you see the arrangement in the pic above (actually it worked out quite well).
I printed an index for the inside front:

Each page was mounted onto black card to tie it all together:

I've thoroughly enjoyed this challenge and am pleased to have completed it so thanks to everyone at the Craft Barn. I look forward to seeing what next year brings!


  1. Fabulous book for your cool pages! Brilliant! xxx

  2. Nearly forgot, a Happy New Year! xxx

  3. The dictionary pages look ace binded! And 8 loops is more than enough... Well done on getting to the end! Lovely cover too BTW.

  4. Well done in over coming the binding problem and a good idea to add an index. Wishing you a happy 2017.


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