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Sunday, 9 August 2015

Katzelkraft Monthly Challenge - August

I finally had a chance to get to my desk and have a little crafting time. This month on the KTZ blog, the challenge is 'anything but a card'. I managed to cut some of my lavender this year and it is drying in the sun at the moment so, as my machine was out, I thought I would make a couple of bags to put the dried lavender in. This is a project that is recycling various items - the bags are made from an old school shirt and the ribbon was cut off from an item of clothing. I had the perfect stamps for this in KTZ 51 and used Stazon ink. As my lavender is still drying I've just filled the bags with something else for the moment to give you an idea of what they will look like.
Here's a closer pic of the back:

and the front:


  1. Perfect stamps for lavender bags, these are lovely!

  2. Great idea, love it

  3. Lovely idea for a non-card challenge ! Great bags and love the stamps !

  4. How lovley - I bet they smell fab and the stamp[s are perfect.

  5. These are fabulous and would make wonderful gifts xxx

  6. Fabulous idea Rukhshana, this is very clever and your two little lavender bags are just adorable!!..
    Oh mais je peux basculer sur le français c'est vrai!..
    Je disais donc que j'adore ta réa!!! Merci pour cette belle idée, j'ai aussi de la lavande dans mon jardin, je vais tacher de voir si j'ai les bons tampons mais je crois que oui..
    Bonne chance pour ce challenge, j'aimerais bien que tu le gagnes, tu as bien failli la dernière fois! xxx

  7. Such a great idea, I love the bags.:)


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