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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Poppy Planting Album

I've been meaning to make an mini album of pics from my day at the Tower of London planting poppies in the moat last October. I finally got around to starting it and by coincidence the Craft Barn Challenge for this week was to make a mini album.
It's a simple album consisting of  the covers and 5 pages  bound with my Bind-it-All. I'm hoping to follow one of the numerous knitting patterns and add a knitted poppy to the front. I've had this paper for ages (a Colorbok collection) and it seemed appropriate. I will try and add more pics later but I'm going out and trying to catch the deadline for entries.

I used my Clearly Besotted poppy stamps, a poppy head stencil and an Indigo Blu poppy stamp.


  1. oh, you lucky thing! I regret not volunteering now... I do love my poppy though!
    Ihope to see some of the other pages of your album really soon.

  2. Looks like a fab project Rukhshana ! Love the cover !!

  3. That event did deserve an album! The cover is wonderful, I bet the pics inside are awesome too...

  4. Your album looks awesome! Fabulous cover xxx

  5. A beautiful lasting memory of the part you played in the commemorations.

  6. What a lovely album to remind you of an amazing day. I visited the poppies twice and was very moved by them. Thank you for taking part in the challenge.
    Jane (Craft Barn) x

  7. A wonderful way to store your memories of the day you helped to 'plant' those fabulous poppies. Beautiful album x

  8. amazing pictures of the poppies, breathtaking beautiful.


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