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Friday, 25 April 2014

UK Stampers ATC swap - April

This month's theme on the UK Stampers forum was the thought provoking 'nothing to do with age'. I wasn't too sure what that meant but it was clarified as being things that old age shouldn't prevent one from doing. Sometime last year I purchased a greeting card book from my local charity shop. It was a folder with a pocket for every month and space to write birthdays for that month. Each pocket contained cards and envelopes with black & white pics of old people. I used one of these images for my W for Wrinkles DPS in the Craft Barn dictionary challenge last year. These images were too large to use on an ATC but on the back of each card was a smaller reproduction of the image on the front which was the perfect size. I used wet watercolour paper and sponged picked raspberry, shaded lilac and squeezed lemonade DIs through a stencil and added some gold shimmer spray. Some lilac ric rac, a few die cut leaves and rolled flowers from some background scraps finished off the ATCs. Although you can get dies to make these rolled flowers they are easy enough to make. I punch a circle (@1"), pencil in a very rough spiral and cut it out - it doesn't have to be perfect. Then I start to roll from the outside with the help of a thin pair of tweezers. A blob of PVA at the end (which is the base) and they're done.


  1. These are beautiful ATCs Rukhshana and love the background colours you have used plus the embellishments. Keeping my fingers crossed that one of these little works of art come my way :)
    Lynn x


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