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Thursday, 11 April 2013

UK Stampers Postcard Swap - April

Sam on the UK Stampers forum has asked for mainly yellow and circles for this month's postcard . I used a variety of yellow tones, scattered straw and wild honey DI, Impress lemon yellow, Adirondack butterscotch pigment and Archival sepia. I brushed scattered straw all over with an ink duster and used  a Christine Adolph cube for the sequin waste effect. The bright yellow circles were made by using the waste peel-off paper from a sheet of round 3D foam pads as a stencil. The text is from an Artistic Stamper journal words set, the flowers from a woodware set and the face was in a grab bag but it's a stamp I've liked for some time from non sequitur on a plate called the Face is the Icon of Creation. Looking at the completed postcard I wish I'd stamped the text in a darker colour but I will leave it alone.
Is it just me or do you find that when you look at your work online you become more objective about it? Is it because I am directly comparing it to other work I see online and find it falls short  or does the fact it is on a screen give me a bit of distance to criticise more openly? I dropped Art O'level (showing my age ) because I (rightly) knew I didn't have a hope in hell of passing but I had always , scribbled, coloured, played around with pens, rulers, compasses. I can't draw to save my life but stamps have always been a way to get around that and I am amazed when I can create things that I am happy with. Because I don't have a natural ability to position/group/place/ I think I need to teach myself these things. Anyone know any good books? OK enough soul searching whatever the outcome I find this hobby keeps me sane and relaxes my brain like nothing else plus the virtual friends I have made have carried me through many a rough day. Thanks to you all.


  1. No I think the wording is fine and I love this card and agree with you that the face is a lovely image. I never think my work any good and hope that during swaps folk will forgive my poor attempts! I use stamps for the same reason you do - can't draw so stamps are the next best thing, just that I feel, at times, I try too hard with certain styles and techniques that I am not totally at ease with! Do I persist or stay within my comfort zone??? Oh decisions, decisions :)
    Keep up the fantastic work!
    Lynn x

  2. Great postcard, love the layout and different shades of yellow. must admit I too look at my work once on line and feel I could do it better, but life is too short so I just enjoy what I do, what do they say - there are no mistakes in art"!

    Sylv xx

  3. You work is always fantastic, loving the colour combo of this one! and as for how your work lookst looks online, I agree I always wish I had done something different too, but maybe that's because the screen highlights all the small imperfections 100x. But because this is the closest I'll ever get to being arty (even if its only a card) I study the styles I like and try to emulate them -usually badly but it sure is fun trying to get it right! hee he x

  4. Very interesting and very nice!!


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